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Доставка товара

For the delivery sawn timber, mainly, we use railroad. The sawmill has own railway siding with capacity for up to 20 wagons, place for load 20/40 foot containers and lorries.

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The monthly quantities of loading transport units:

60-70 wagons;

40-60 lorries;

15-25 container;

All products are shipped from the territory of our company, formed in the transport packets in compliance with GOST 19041. Mouldings further packaged in mikropakety.

Transportation of lumber packages are packed in a high strength protective film from the five (5) sides, and of moldings with six (6) sides, thereby ensuring the delivery of the finished product clean and free from ingress of moisture.

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In the process of packaging we use ties for metal and plastic tape in places rounding the edges of the package used protective corners to prevent damage / compression of high-quality products from an array of larch, with the ends of the package film is fixed on the steel bracket through the protective paper cups

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